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  • Reusable Bags
    Reusable Bags
  • Dish wash
    Dish wash

    A selection of the finest environmentally friendly dish washing products on the market along with natural dishwashing brushes and scourers.

    The fantastic products from Planet Pure vouch for world class dishwashing.

    Also the dishwashing liquids from BIO-D are based on 100% naturally derived ingredients.

  • Paper products
    Paper products

    ​The use of paper kitchen roll is costly both for your wallet and the environment.

    Save up to 90% of the cost by using Ecoegg bamboo kitchen roll.

    One roll of 20 sheets of bamboo kitchen roll can be used and reused up to 1700 times as they are machine washable.

    Goodbye to paper fluff and low absorbency and welcome to reuse and savings!

  • Household cleaners
    Household cleaners

    We have put together an exceptional selection of sustainable household cleaning products and air fresheners from the finest European makers like BIO-D, Planet Pure and Earth Friendly Products.

    In combination with the water based and allergy friendly cleaning system from E-Cloth you can truly  eliminate  chemicals in your everyday cleaning.

  • Sponges & cloths
    Sponges & cloths

    Here you will find our  100% natural products along with the unique cleaning system from E-Cloth that allows you to clean just with water and yet pick up 99.9% of all harmful bacteria.

    You will also find our 100% natural scourers, eco sponge cloths without microbeads as well as Tawashi dishwashing brushes.

  • Pest Control
    Pest Control
  • Laundry

    The strongest selection of sustainable and allergy friendly detergents in the market from three of the greatest manufacturers in the field like BIO-D, Ecoegg, Planet Pure and ECOS.

    The common denominator is that their products have minimum impact on the eco system both in their use and in the production process.

    The amazing and groundbreaking Ecoegg laundry egg provides a wash based on 100% natural ingredients at the lowest price per wash available. 

Huge selection of environmentally friendly and microplastic free cleaning and household products.

Here you find 100% natural sponge cloths and scourers and many other practical products to make your home and kitchen a sounder place to be.

Allergy friendly products från Planet Pure, BIO-D, E-Cloth, Ecoegg and other great producers. 


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